Recycled textiles, thread, wire, fluffDimensions vary.

The sculpture’s visceral quality suggests the body. The translucent nylon skin obscures the innards, only fully visible at unresolved moments of leaking. Each individual contorts in response to the viewer’s gaze. Their mends become scabs, a physical record of time, care and labour scattered across the limbs. I am interested in the contrast between the pristine and the abject, especially in relation to bodies. By contrasting bodily interiors to exteriors, skin to scabs and bony extremities to swollen flesh, the visceral forms combined with the soft, familiar materials create tension by visually negotiating how textiles are conventionally used, compared to what is seen. The unique aesthetic quality of serially mended surfaces, coupled with the tactility and intimacy of textiles appeals to the desire to touch, contributing to this tension further.