Fleshy Entanglements | Shay Gavina

Body 1 (Pillar), Body 2 (Grid), Body 3 (Tangle), 2020

Latex, thread, concrete, twine

Fleshy Entanglements is an ongoing series that investigates in-between spaces as sights of transformation, healing, growth, death, and decay. Each body taking up and exploring the roles of the soft, the emotional, the bodily, and the non-binary. 

Artist Statement

In-between spaces and their transitory nature are sights of both transformation, healing, and growth, but also sights of death and decay. My work aims to question, critique, and subvert modernist ideals in favor of the soft, the emotional, the bodily, and the non-binary. I also explore non-linearity: things in flux, shifting, an ambiguous state of neither here nor there. The work I make comes from this interest in the constant shifting, the doing and undoing, of both the inner and outer worlds.


Shay Gavina is an interdisciplinary artist currently focused primarily on sculptural and installation works in the realm of fiber, flexible materials, and repetitive hand-based processes. Her work explores the self in relation to the inner and outer worlds through themes such a mental health. memory, time, modernity, and gendered labor. Straddling the barrier between the familiar and the uncanny, Gavina plays with ideas of temporality, ephemerality, tension, and bodily associations. She currently lives and works in Vancouver, BC.