Entwined | Mirela Jade Malimban


Lithograph and Estisol Transfer on Hand Cut Paper, Closed Book: 7″ x 11″ x 2.5,” Open Length: 192,” 2020


Intrigued by the information that could be held within a book- such little space, yet so much to unpack. Entwined was a response to the ways a book is experienced, sculptural or not-  it is personal, intimate in ways that could only be shared by one. Thinking about relationships between people, the world and the natural aspects of life, I thought about what it meant to share burden and the weight of connection. This particular form is meant to be difficult to explore and open without support- whether that be a table or another person; alone, it was difficult to handle- complicated. 

From the beginnings of unfolding, it is evident that a burden cannot be harboured even though it can be packed away. When unravelled, it is always in need of support.

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This project was awarded the Vancouver Art Attack Award

Photographed at Symbiotic (Emily Carr University of Art + Design, 2020), on a custom 16′ long table

show featuring Emilee Guilfoyle, Lyrica Wasalik, Lyndsay McKay and Mirela Malimban

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