Music in my Eyes I Silas Ng

Music in My Eyes,” investigates how the term sound can be experienced as a deaf person. This work is a response to music, specifically classical music, and the difference between how those who use sign language and those who use spoken language, who can also hear the music, grasp the idea or emotion behind the music. The term sound is understood in sign language by using the sign on-ear to explain the sound can be heard with the ear; however, how it is interpreted as an actual sound can only be understood by people who live in the world of sound. It does not mean the deaf people will not be able to experience sound or they lack their own musical culture. Deaf culture enjoys music that involves specific instruments, like a drum or electric music from dubstep, percussive instruments that can be felt as much as they can be heard. The music is played at a very loud volume, and the high decibel sound waves create vibrations that people feel traveling into their bodies as musical energy.


Silas Ng (b.1997) is an emerging artist based on the unceded territories of Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-Waututh Nations. His photography and multi-disciplinary works explore his life experience and identities as Deaf Canadian-born Chinese to discover how his life merged into three different worlds.