Learning to See the Unknown: Drawing Out the Strange takes a speculative approach to reflecting on subjective experiences of mental imagery, perception, and other neural phenomena. Entangled with ways of understanding from scientific knowledge practices within neuroscience the work engages with histories of scientific renderings that visualize the invisible.  In her process, Carruthers embraces ambiguity and what can’t be seen –the unknown– as a field of generative inquiry.

Compelled by the wonder and strangeness in her experience of being, Carruthers draws upon her own internal space to pull out images from memory and give them a material presence while not wanting them to become familiar –to let them exist in their strangeness. She uses drawing as a substitute microscope; a process to perceive the intangible internal moments of her reality.

IG: @hayleycarruthers

This project was awarded the Mary Plumb Blade Award