Artist Statement
Homebody is a video piece that combines handmade and digital collage to explore the varied meanings of the domestic sphere in relation to women’s bodies.  Mixing the mundane with a hint of the supernatural, the video questions the ways in which a home space can teeter between comforting refuge and a place of deep isolation.  Elements of the video collage are slowly revealed throughout the 3 minute clip that is played on a screen in an infinite loop.
Artist Bio
Kate’s practice works with metaphors of the domestic uncanny, the fragmented female body, witching and haunting to address the historical oppression of women.  Movement, video installation and photography are combined with a visual referencing of 1920s German gothic film to explore the marginalized spaces of the domestic. Her practice also reimagines the active female monster or witch as subversive figures that can destabilize gender as fixed in any shape or form.
Kate has completed a BFA in Contemporary Dance at York University in Toronto and a BFA in Drawing & Painting at Ontario College of Art and Design.
  • IG:  Kate_rogers_art