My work is defined by deliberate dissidence to the dissonance of corporate warfare.

My work uses objects in a satirical way to mock the way we behave.
My work is akin to a kind of reaction, nervous twitch, a rebellion, a reasoning, an offering.
My work is a decisive device for dismantling dogma.
My work is a kin to a kind of social disobedience.
My work uses humour as a social sanctum against inflexible behaviour.

A Room for Projection and Reflection | Romane Bladou

In this work, imagination, reflection and projection are interpreted both as methods in looking and as inner spaces; they are ways to see and ways to be. States of mind and of vision are explored through observation and introspection. Walking, transit and travel are ways employed to allow a slowness in looking and the opportunity to daydream. These experiences in space and time are recorded here through still framed videography. I built an installation in which this translation from moment to media is displayed to create immersion, or rather the illusion of it. The apparatus being so present in the space allows us to focus on the shadows, reflections and projections, the usually overlooked. In the multimedia installation, the gallery becomes a space in which to reflect and project: it too allows a slowness in looking, thinking and noticing. 


(if you scroll all the way down, you can find an excerpt of the work A Window to Hold Shadows)

A Window to Hold Shadows