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14 Moons

Jill Chiu & May Zhou

14 Moons is an application that focuses on guiding users to learn about their emotional patterns. This application is designed for users who are aware about their depressive emotions, yet are not motivated enough to seek professional help. Our goal is to be the bridge between potential patients and professionals, providing direct help to those who need them. We also aim to lessen the stigma of mental health to our users, specifically depression, encouraging early cure and showing that there is no shame in suffering depression. The application should act as a primary tool for users and professionals to understand users’ emotional patterns for the past 2 weeks. It is not a diagnosis tool but a self-care application with emotion tracking and relaxing interactions.


We designed this with different uses in mind; some may commit to the application, and some may not. The application asks for a minimum of two weeks commitment, in order for its results to be accurate. This is based off of the PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) Test, which is a 

screening tool for depression. This test asks questions regarding the individual’s emotions in the last two weeks prior to taking the test. It provides an accurate estimation of the individual’s depression severity. We were inspired by the process, and we wanted to also provide resources for those who are committed to learning about their emotions and mental health. 14 Moons is designed to be a safe space for your emotions.


Our approach in making this application initially was to cater to the non-committed user. We wanted to create something that would be insightful, even after the application is deleted. The portrayal of the idea shifted between different mediums and stories, and we landed on the idea of a digital safe space in the end. Every human experiences a different array of emotions, and we wanted to capture the variety of feelings in this application, therefore each user may set their own emotions they choose to track. Through testing and research, we learned that goal setting is an element we needed to touch on. The Momento function allows our user to create custom lock screen wallpapers, as a reminder to work towards their goal.


From going through the process of this project, we learned that research and prototyping are inseparable from one another. Figuring out what was the most suitable way to portray our idea was the most difficult part of the process, as we went through many iterations and phases. Past iterations of this project have taken the form of many different things, which led us to creating our final product. Going through all the iterations make us realize that it is logical to focus on our own strengths and cater to an audience that we speak to on a personal level.

About us

We are two students majoring in interaction design.  As designers we are responsible about how our designs impact the world. May Zhou has experience in service and system design, looking at designs at a broad spectrum aiming not to design just for the sake of creating new things to produce. She values sustainability and craftsmanship in the design field, admires both technology and the value of hand-making. Jill Chiu enjoys working in digital spaces, and is interested in looking for ways to embed digital work into a physical realm. Her goal as a designer is to inspire change through subtle actions. 


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