Wave-e is designed with a simple low and wide silhouette similar to supercars and sports cars. The continuous long-flowing lines going from one end to the other is what defines the name of the vehicle. The doors open in a scissor form to enhance the experience and allow for more headroom while entering the vehicle.

The interior of Wave-e allows for two passengers and a pet. The primary seating positions are upright and flat as a bed. The dashboard presents two large touchscreens for each user with a clock and on-board wine cellar in the centre. As this vehicle is autonomous, alcohol is allowed to be part of the experience.


The user experience concept associated with the dual touchscreen dashboard in Wave-e is centered around creating a simple and easy to navigate experience. Each user has their own personal touchscreen to use which they can access various in-car services, the GPS, entertainment and connect their mobile device. Assistance is provided by artificial intelligence.

The 2030 Autonomous Transport System

2030 Autonomous Transport System is a vehicle rental service in a future where car ownership will decrease as the needs for a personal vehicle will be less common as ownership is expensive, costly and more harmful for the environment.

All the vehicles are parked in special buildings where they are dispatched based on need. In the building, charging and cleaning is performed. The system allows for easy expansion depending on needs of the city or the population.

Within the system there are four different types of vehicles for different requirements.

Wave-e serves as a special, experiential vehicle within the system.


The moodboard for Wave-e is supplemented by simple, nearly monochromatic design to represent strength and humility in it’s design.

Clay model exploration was done in 1:10 scale with a foam core base and standard practice Industrial Plasticine. The exploration is done to represent the exterior form of Wave-e in a tangible experience.

Lance Pan is a Multidisciplinary Industrial Designer born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in the lower-income part of Richmond has shaped his identity to create inclusive works

His focus mainly pertains in Furniture, Automotive, Communication and rapid ideation.