Biolux is a system of bioluminescent plants to create a sense of responsibility and attachment.

How might we encourage a more fulfilling life on Mars in the year 2100 through rituals of attachment and responsibility to plants?

The goal is to provoke thought about co-existence with plants as well as speculations about the near future and what life could look like on another planet. In doing so, we would also like to re-frame our perceptions around disposability, building materials and food. By bringing plants to the everyday life on Mars, citizens can have a greater sense of purpose and care for life.

Living on Mars poses great challenges for humanity. We must take advantage of upcoming innovations in technology and design such as CRISPR, as well as the human nature of attachment to plants and values around sharing to find new paradigms in designing a fulfilling and comfortable life in an isolated, confined and extreme environment. Ultimately as designers, we are constantly in search for new paradigms in technology and design; to speculate on different possibilities and offer people a glimpse of the future.