Raw Furniture | Shayna Pollock

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Raw Furniture was Shayna’s grad project. She used this project as a way to explore alternative production methods for upholstered furniture in relation to the current ways of mass production which tend to be highly petro-chemical based.

Designer / Photographic Artist

About Shayna Pollock

Bachelor of Design, Emily Carr University Grad of 2020 with a background in Industrial Design. She is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who enjoys creating visually contextual photographic work and earth friendly, people friendly product design options. To her, photography is a way to speak, express, explore, engage, and understand. It is a way to experience. As an industrial designer she finds herself pulling away from mass production methods and the use of plastics within her practice, offering up a different view due to her multiple chemical sensitivity to create objects of substance for the public sector. From a small town in Manitoba and descendant of Cuthbert Grant a Metis leader, she feels very strongly linked to the plains land she is from.

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Shayna Pollock

Selkirk, MB