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The Right to Repair, In Your Hands.

Re-Parity is a new system of repair that serves as a hub for resources and information. The app uses object recognition to allow users to scan their electronics in order to provide information and guides. Through features such as community forums and the promotion of local repair workshops, the app is heavily rooted in community engagement.

Education & Empowerment

As most of our electronics are now designed to keep users from taking them apart, there is now a gap in knowledge of how these devices were made. To gain a stronger sense of electronic literacy, users can confidently follow disassembly guide to better understand how their electronics were made. Through object recognition and cataloging or parts, users can search for information and parts with ease.

Community Engagement

Re-Parity aims to strengthen the current repair community. As a form of resilience, repair workshops have worked to empower locals to repair rather than replace. In promoting local workshops and creating forums, users can exchange knowledge and seek comfort in knowing they are not alone.

The App

In one place a user can gain access to parts needed, guides, and the help and service of others. This system of repair places the user’s needs first to allow them to repair independently.


Scan to Search

By simply scanning, one can search up product information without needing to know the name of the part or product. Users can begin to understand how their device was designed and what went into it. This feature removes the mystery behind our electronics to allow for repair to become more accessible.

The community menu opens up a range of ways users can connect to one another. This is where users can stay up to date with up coming repair workshops or exchange knowledge through forum boards. Users of all skill levels can look to this page for help from others, or to update others on their own findings.

Community Outreach

Buy, Sell & Trade

Access to parts is made easy by giving users the space to sell or trade parts. Instead of having to go from store to store looking for one specific part, users can use the search feature to find what they are looking for. Users can choose to trade parts and tools with others when looking for an economical option.

Re-Parity’s growing library makes for an excellent place to start when looking to learn about electronics. Each product and part portfolio goes into depth with resources such as repair guides, places to purchase and similar products. Users can also add to the library as technology continues to progress.

Product Library

The Process

The process consisted of two phases; the initial research and iteration, and then validating and finalizing the system. Re-Parity relied on various workshops for research, especially because this system encourages community repair through workshopping. My various research methods would also be used to validate my design decisions and features included. Throughout this project I turned to my peers and professors for input and advice, but also sought professional advice from a coordinator from MetroVan Repair Cafes.

MetroVan Repair Cafes

About the Designer | JennyMae Lapurga

JennyMae is a designer who is eager to engage with emerging technologies and materials. Her work is driven by her mission for accessibility. She believes that accessibility is not about ease of use, but is about justice. Through her skills in CAD, design research and product development, she seeks to develop more solutions towards a just world.