Professors: Scott Staniland, Keith Doyle, Christian Blyt , Sophie Gaur, Ben Unterman, Aaron Oussoren, Craig Badke

External Advisors: Andrew Pick (Product Designer at Bensen Furniture, Sebastian Lippa (Project Manager of Granville Island 2040), Robyn York (Lighting Consultant at Inform Contract), Ben Leavitt (Founder of Plaidfox), Matthew Chen (Art Director at Bensen Furniture)

Technicians: Logan Mohr (Digital Output Center at ECU), Bobbi Kozinuk (Wearable + Interactive Product Lab), Ian Rhodes (Metal Shop), Tim Rolls (Interaction Design Lab), Morgan Gilbert (3D Printing Production)

+Colleagues from Industrial Design Class of 2020

About the Designer

Mark is an industrial designer experienced in furniture, lighting and consumer product design. Mark always like to take a step out of his comfort zone and explore new opportunities, and he feels very fortunate to be in the design industry for all the new challenges to come. As a designer who loves this industry, Mark aims to be an innovative and considerate designer who can be a positive influence to our society.