Getting massage during long-distance travels with the tap of a finger

        Ever experienced a long haul flight? A long-distance road trip? Or a whole afternoon sitting in front of a desk? Stuck in the same posture, limited personal space, and reduced blood flow affects your emotion and ruins your day or trip. Even worse, the discomfort may lead to a stiff neck and shoulder soreness that critically impacts one’s health. But how does one gain blood circulation and alleviates his or her pain in a confined space without disturbing others?

        aCUE is a wearable massaging device designed to relieve the upper back pain, shoulder soreness, and neck discomfort for travellers and commuters. The device gives one a neck and shoulder rub in an elegant style without the trouble of interrupting others. Traditionally massaging tools such as massaging guns, pressure rollers, and GuaSha sticks are known to be conspicuous and unsuitable to operate in public space as they attract crowds’ unnecessary attention. Other existed wearable massagers operated with electric pulses are often lacked physical pressuring and have limited effect. Unlike conventional massaging tools, aCUE challenges the experience with automated and mimicked realistic pressuring movements delivered in a wearable and compact fashion.

        aCUE features two high torque motors powering skin-safe silicone massaging bits that resemble human thumbs. They stimulate the small intestine meridian acupoints to alleviate body pain by increasing blood circulation and the flow of Qi. aCUE also comes with built-in heaters on two sides that provide temperature up to 50 degrees celsius around your neck to keep you warm and cozy in an air cabin.

Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding of aCUE


       This design consists of background research in Traditional Chinese acupressure therapies and the benefits in long term remedy of acupoints stimulation. The prototyping process examined various materials and fabrication processes including styrofoam, model plywood, birch, and 3D printing.

        The project includes iterative phases on user-engagement of different forms, the experiments in different materials, and the Arduino computer coding for generating different operating modes.

        aCUE is an aesthetic based product that improves user experience on traditional massaging equipment and makes self-care accessible to travellers.

Receive a shoulder rub without making huge gestures within a limited space inside of a vehicle.

No disturbance just satisfaction.

One fits more

        aCUE uses an adjustable neckband to accommodate different body types. The neckband is made out of PETG that allows strong flexibility and durability under pressure. Simply put it on one’s neck and pull the two sides to adjust neckbands. Once the massage bits pressure against the acupoints between neck and shoulders, then press the vibrant coloured button to power on and the monotoned button to switch between modes.

Attractive LEDs that welcome you aboard

        On the top surface of the right side are two LED indicators that allow one to easily figure out between warming and massaging operating modes.

        The Type-C USB charging port is located on the tip of the left side which makes it possible to charge and use it at the same time. The two LEDs on the left side will warn the user when the battery runs out.

Keeping the interface simple

        Only keeping the essentials. The two-button design made the body of the device simple and aesthetically pleasing. The vibrant coloured power button contrasts with the monotone operating button that invites one to try and experience the massager.

aCUE comes in three colours to match one's outfit

Ryan Lan

        Ryan Hsia Lan is a designer and a maker. His work situates within a range of industrial design, everyday objects, furniture, and digital fabrication.


        As an industrial designer, he dedicates in finding a balance between forms and functions. His practice focuses on discovering the deeper needs and using design tools as the medium to deliver hidden opportunities within products.