Moss and Oz Save the Galaxy!

A queer-camp science fiction comic in which two aliens become friends, have adventures and maybe (?) save the galaxy while they’re at it!

Chapter One

Finished images are watermarked for our protection. Sorry for the inconvenience!

River Kero

River Kero is a queer Canadian illustrator born and raised in Beautiful British Columbia. He was born here in Vancouver but grew up on the Northwest Coast in a small town called Bella Bella. He specializes in graphic novel and storytelling illustrations with themes of connection, communication, and identity. For this project, he played the role of scriptwriter, ink artist, and collaborated on story, character design, and colouring.


Wake Darrah Cook

Wake is a Queer-Canadian comic cartoonist, character artist, and creature design aficionado. His narrative and visual style (down-to-earth stories with dark undertones complemented by bright colours and cartoon monsters) work to push and break the borders of both the comic page and who is represented on it. Through his traditional and digital illustrations, he balances the nostalgia of their upbringing with the importance of constructing diverse representation. As a result, the themes of his work revolve around love, found family, forgiveness, and discovering personal identity. For this project, he thumbnailed and sketched, as well as collaborated on story, character design, and colouring.


Concept Art and WIP

Since this is an ongoing project, it is, of course, ongoing! Here’s an assortment of the prep work that we’ve done to prepare for making this comic, as well as some of the unfinished pages we are currently working on.