Gentille Flowers | Kelsey Chevalier

About the Project

Gentille Flowers is a series for girls and women to grow with, in age, perspective, and knowledge. Although this particular book is Volume 3 of Gentille Flowers, it is the first book to be published. This is because through my exploration of the topic, I realized that there was so much information to cover, and I wanted to cater each book to different age groups. Volume 3 is intended for girls and women 16-25. It was inspired from my own life, I kept hearing stories of young adults not knowing simple anatomy of their own body, nor hygiene and other related health topics. In addition, I wanted to normalize the female body, instead of covering it up. I feel that this can help women and girls grow more healthy relationships with their bodies and diminish the vast number of body image issues seen in youth today. My hope is that this book can also be educational for men and boys, to better understand and respect the female body, rather than sexualizing and shaming it.

Working in graphite allowed me to link to my past experiences to draw forth topics for this book. Overlaying digital color helped me integrate my knew new knowledge into these past experiences. The leather bound book is intended to be a coffee table book, creating a public space for readers to endure vulnerability. The book format plays a crucial role in allowing the viewer to have control over their experience with the book.

Artist Statement

This book of mixed media illustrations depicts ideas and taboos of the female body, and seeks to give the viewer a sense of control over their own experience of the work. The work intends to facilitate awareness about feminism and raise questions regarding equality for women.


About the Artist

From the small city of Fort St. John in N.E. British Columbia, Kelsey Chevalier came to Vancouver to study art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2016. Having come from a conservative family, she was thrilled to be given the opportunity to pursue her passion in art and is pleased to have completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in the class of 2020.

Kelsey has also spent time volunteering  in community events in Vancouver, such as the “Get Lucky” art show presented by District Local in 2018, as well as creating coloring pages for Surrey based Syrian Refugees in an effort to help bridge cultural barriers and assist in introducing them to their new local surroundings (2019). In the fall, she also volunteered with the Artbreakers Art Market. In January 2019, Kelsey showcased her illustrations at the “Reflect” showcase presented by RAW Artists.

She looks forward to doing her second show with RAW in Victoria in the future. Her work focuses on creating narratives through humourous motifs. Some of Kelsey’s work focuses on health and anatomy topics. She enjoys working in a variety of mediums and is always looking to embrace and explore new techniques and materials.