I Could Be Lopsided | Shira Anisman

“I Could Be Lopsided” is from a series of three illustrated short stories exploring magical realism, irrational fear, and obsession. They are autobiographical, fictional, fun, and funky.

Digital illustration. 2020.

Shira Anisman is a Vancouver based illustrator, working primarily in watercolour, ink, and digital mediums. Her work focuses specifically on storytelling and self portraiture. Through whimsical illustrations, she deals with heavier topics of abject bodies, fear, and feelings.


Ollie's Backyard (Children's Book) | Asha Lynne Macdonald

Ollie's Backyard is an illustrated 32-page picture book that deals with friendship and the power of compromise.

Ollie’s one wish is to find the swing hidden in her backyard. One night as Ollie falls asleep, she begins to dream of a fantastical world where the swing is hidden, which is filled with colorful plants and creatures. When Ollie finally finds the hidden rope swing, she is met with the opportunity to befriend the monsters guarding the swing and teach them to have fun.