A barista’s mundane shift takes a turn when a customer from hell enters his coffee shop.

Rosetta - Trailer


A rude customer interrupts a tired barista’s mundane routine with an oddly complicated request – a coffee prepared with flour.

Artist Statement

I am interested in the visual storytelling and cinematography of film, which I have been experimenting with since I was 10 years old. I have always hoped to be able to tell the stories of the people in Bolivia, a country with drastically diverse cultures and people, and a country that I have learned to call home. I want to tell the stories of voices that never get heard in mainstream media, and to push the boundaries of storytelling through a simple visual medium. I intend to ultimately work back in my home country and hopefully grow a booming film industry someday.

Behind The Scenes


Hwa Pyung Lim was born in South Korea and moved to Bolivia at the age of five. Since elementary school, he has been interested in making short films with his friends, eventually inspiring him to focus on cinematography. He has been studying at Emily Carr University of Art and Design since 2016, studying in the Film, Media, and Screen Arts program. He is interested in telling people’s stories through the visual language of cinema, and giving minorities a voice through film.