Daria is suffering from depression. She attempts suicide at a party and falls in love with the stranger who tries to rescues her.

I Fell In Love With A Man Right Before My Death - Trailer

Artist Statement

I am a Chinese filmmaker based in Vancouver, BC. My film practice is emotional and dramatic, and focuses on human nature. I work in many formats, including narrative film, 16mm film, installation and documentary.

My recent, dramatic film I Fell In Love With A Man Before My Death tells a story about the world of depression. It is an experiential story that I personally connect with. It speaks to the psychological state of the body today. Our mental health is invisibly damaged by cultural and political violence. Sadly, there are many times where we are not even aware of our own spiritual fragmentation and incompleteness.

The style of my work has only begun to change in recent years. Before, I was an avid fan of suspense movies and was passionate about violent and bloody stories. When I experienced this kind of fragmentation as a person, I started to make films connected to my personal experience in the hopes that it would encourage people to face the emotions deep in their hearts and heal them.


Kaiwen Zhenggu (Zoe Zhenggu), is a Chinese filmmaker and a cinematographer, based in Vancouver. She is a recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She specializes in directing, lighting, advertising and graphic design. She is accomplished in shooting dark, dramatic films, music videos and fashion videos.