NEAR/FAR | Genki Ferguson

An exploration of human vision and the ways in which it can be altered, revealed through the perspectives of jewellers and astronomers.


How do we look? NEAR/FAR is a documentary that investigates the nature of human vision through the perspectives of jewelers and astronomers. What drives the jeweler to look inwards, searching for perfection? What drives the astronomer to look outwards, searching for answers?

Looking through the lens of a telescope and the lens of a jeweler’s loupe, NEAR/FAR is an exploration of human ambition both large and small, and the quest for answers always beyond our reach.


Genki Ferguson is a film editor and author based out of Vancouver, BC. As an editor, he has worked on projects with clients ranging from the Royal Canadian Navy, Lexton Harper Watches, and on the documentary Superkids 2. His latest documentary, NEAR/FAR, analyzes the ways humans alter their vision. As an author, Genki’s debut novel Satellite Love will be published by McClelland & Stewart in the spring of 2021.