A pair of brother’s friendship is tested by the arrival of a new neighbour, as they adventure through their fantasy land of Arcadia.

Film Stills - Arcadia


Two young brothers grow up in a low-income family. The only friends they have are each other. They spend their days in their imaginary world – Arcadia, as adults. Meanwhile, a new neighbour has moved in next door and they meet him later on in the film.

It is a story of friendship, childhood, and imagination.

Artist Statement

I am a filmmaker currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. Visual storytelling is what I am passionate about. Telling stories from my perspective, my thoughts, my dreams, as well as sending my audience messages that I want to convey means the world to me. What drives my motivation are my dreams and my experiences. Ever since I could remember, I have had dreams every night, occasionally mixing them up with reality. Often, the combination of the two can spark great film ideas. While the style of my work can lean towards either the quirky or thrilling side, I am heavily influenced by Wes Anderson and nostalgia.

Behind The Scenes  -  Arcadia


Nicole Yang is a filmmaker who was born in Beijing and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She mostly focuses on writing and directing. Rather than focus on a specific genre, she jumps between either dark thrillers or light hearted dramedies. Her work tends to address themes of humanity, while having comedic yet nostalgic undertones.