The Unified Field, 2020 

Watercolor, Acrylic, Print 

Work pending completion will be complete by October 7th 2020

The horse is a powerful beast. Universally the we see the horse as a beautiful free creature operating without restraint and in their glory. But, through the work of early ancestors we domesticate this useful animal which is undoubtedly why numerous groups of humans have been able to survive in face of an inhospitable natural world. Their labor in building the kingdom of man is what has allowed humans to develop in the industrious and creative ways we have, and can be acknowledged for why we are now blessed with abundance in the developed world. 

In the Old Testament we encounter four men riding the horses of pestilence, famine, war and death. A mysterious scroll, unable to be opened by any beings present in the Holy Kingdom, was released by a seven eyed goat who removed the ribbon with his nose. The horses released are not bringing these terrors by themselves but being directed by riders. 

Since the Neolithic Revolution over 10,000 years ago we have collectively experienced a change that affected all those living at the time and who have come thereafter. Our changing relationship to our environment was supplemented by our ability to harness the energy of horse and later develop machines. Places with more rapid technological advancements have profited from the conquering of territories, farming and the development agricultural systems to support an ever growing population. All advancements and solutions have side effects and our transition from hunter gathers to agriculture societies experienced major changes including the ability to support a larger population, hierarchical arrangements and the practice of slavery.

The second element of this work is pattern. A theory found in quantum mechanics is that of the Unified Field, a theory seeking to understand the subtle vibrations that encompass all of life. The absence of pattern at the center of the work is a channel, one from where we can insert our individuality. A space in which to align ourselves and extrapolate our deepest truths in relation to the whole. In the face of the suffering we need to understand more deeply enter our selves to understand humanity. We must acknowledge our presence as a result of history and work to dismantle personal and collective traumas which only perpetuate needless suffering. 


DEMO REELGarbage Conglomorate Theater // Trash Talk // The Peep Show // How to Destroy Video

I want to add the work that I was engaged in during my last two years at ECUAD. I was developing documentation of my sculptural assemble which uses only garbage and found materials. I returned to painting in order to complete The Unified Field work, but the demo reel found in the link above will give you a better idea of my sculptural and film practice

By limiting my use of materials to garbage I demonstrate the emergent properties of these materials as well as to inquire into the necessity of the continued production of new materials. I animate sets to create video productions that often deal with satirical representations of mainstream media or that question the status quo and customs of society.

Please visit my website for more detailed descriptions of individual artworks.