How might design educate and inspire behavioral change and more environmental consciousness towards recycling and waste in Colombia? 

Because of my Colombian background and growing interest in taking care of the environment, I decided to begin my secondary research on the waste systems in Colombia. My extended family lives all over the country and I knew that I could get real, lived experience information through interviews with them. I was able to get a wide variety of answers and insight from my friends and family members who’s ages ranged from 15-85.

The Campaign

The best way to involve the community and people of Colombia would be through a visual campaign that encouraged users to engage with the repurposed materials and learn from the information to make necessary changes in their everyday lives.


My hope was that the community would relate to the quotes displayed and be inspired to get involved in the changes towards respecting their environment.


The campaign would be highlighted through the materials used to communicate the message. Using recycled materials such as cardboard and paper is the main form of production for posters and stencils. As a visual staple for the campaign, I decided to build a cart from recycled cardboard that resembles the carts used by waste pickers in Colombia. I then painted the cart, representing Colombian pride through the colors of the flag.

A Better Tomorrow

When Colombians begin to empathize with the waste pickers and take accountability for their own recyclable materials, the country can generate more income and have a cleaner, healthier environment.

Alexandra J Garcia

Communication Designer
Vancouver, Canada
New Jersey | New York, USA