Pressed & Printed was created as a step to further enhance a design students education. From my personal experience as a design student at an art and design school, there were no classes dedicated to design history, yet countless art history classes. As a Communication Design student, I had very little knowledge of how designers before my time worked and the incredible processes that were in practice before the normalization of computers in the workplace. My hope for the publication is to provide a glimpse into the rich history of production methods and technologies that helped guide graphic design to where it is today. I spent my final year of undergrad gathering research, organizing and synthesizing it to be put into this publication, in a way that it can be quickly and easily comprehend-able. I know not everyone wants to scan countless textbooks and websites or even sit through a history lesson. I wanted the reader to experience a history lesson that is visually enjoyable, and be able to walk away with a broader understanding of how quickly technology’s advancements can change a field of work.


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