This is an app development project about sneaker and sneaker culture, which provides an information integration platform for sneaker lovers, and interested people to know sneakers. The “Own Sneaker” is an app about various aspects of sneakers, including different brands of sneakers information, sneaker reselling platform, social communication,  Information Integration, and additional DIY servers. My primary target audiences are people who love sneakers in Canada, DIY lovers, and different types of consumers. The two main functions in this app are providing people to get various channels of getting sneakers and the DIY program of sneakers, which helps people to create the unique sneaker they love, create the only one in the world.


It combines the Jordan brand logo I designed, and to highlight the characteristics of the sneaker app, I added LACES on both sides of the logo as an ornament. In the middle of the logo font, I added the eyes of the little monster I designed before to make the logo look more distinctive.


Considering illustrations is the first step of the whole process. The illustrations provide the incipient of direction that the project will go. They are vivid by combining the form of monsters, and each of them will have a personal characteristic in further design. They are also part of the branding since they will be used as the DIY shoe container illustration design and other accessories.



DIY Section is the core part of this app, and it is also the original intention of my design of this app, to let more people know about sneakers, design and love sneakers. At the same time, to make them not follow the mass consumption completely, I try to shift the attention of consumers from consumption to design and promote their rational consumption.

On the home page of the DIY system, you will first see the three most popular shoe designers with the most clicks and orders, then the “Art Gallery” section, and finally four different categories of DIY shoe demand. The design of the home page is classified by modules to make the interface cleaner.

The “Art Gallery” section is a social platform where users can post their works and videos. It is also a learning platform. This section will be equipped with some DIY sneaker tutorials every day so that users can better understand the culture of DIY sneakers, and learn how to create their sneaker.


The Artist Information page includes the basic information of the artist, such as the design methods he is good at and the brand. Under the basic information part, it also has the highest number of hits. In the “Artworks” section, users can see the previous designer works by selecting different brands. All works are categorized by brand, which helps users quickly check out their favorite brands.