A language application that is a social and educational tool for English language learners. The app which offers users anonymity, collectively shared experiences and empathy would be a good tool for them.

This project has been awarded the ECU Graduation Award for Anti-Racism and Social Justice – Design


English is the global language which dominates the capitalist, international societies in the world. Although people are not forced to learn the language, in order for many individuals to find good employment, they desire to master it.

So, as a communication designer, I want to draw attention to this paradox in contemporary capitalist society, and present a possible solution that is accessible for English language learners– especially Korean people in English speaking countries. This is because Korean people who grew up in Korea have little to no experience conversing or communicating with English speakers from Western countries. Most Korean people struggle talking to English speakers, even though they studied English during their elementary and secondary education.

Problem Space

  • Problem 1
    Korean nationals are not exposed or interacting with native English speakers.

  • Problem 2
    While many Koreans have studied English all their lives, they still struggle when in situations with English speakers.

  • Problem 3
    The resulting anxiety and lack of confidence from problems 1 and 2 are difficult obstacles t o overcome despite more time and resources dedicated to English.

How can I reduce the gap and help them?

When I considered the important relationship between socialization and learning, I thought that an app which offers users anonymity, collectively shared experiences and empathy would be a good tool for them.


As I was finishing the process book, I recalled the journey it took to get here including all the new programs and skills I worked on over the past year. When I first started this project, I dreamed of having an impressive graduation show. However, it is unfortunate that the exhibition is cancelled because of the pandemic. Although the graduation exhibition that I dreamed about and prepared for is not happening, I am happy to be finishing my project successfully. Throughout working on the project —I realized that multinational people, who have expressed interest in my project —could not pronounce certain words when learning English. I think that there are many reasons for this learning gap. But after people became interested in my project and listened to my description of it, they gave me positive responses. I would like to say that this graduation project has accomplished its purpose.

This project started as a way to express my story but I am grateful that it became more than that. Finally, without the help of my true friends, Nicole and Funan, who I met in Canada, I believe this work would not have been successful. Therefore, I am so thankful for their support and endless help.

Hi there!

I’m Hyojin Lee, a Korean communication designer, and colourist based in Canada with roots in Korea. My cultural identity drives my creative work, with a particular focus on sustainability, culture, ecology, and the human experience.