Working to protect and promote British Columbia's vast biodiversity.

Fern is a non-profit organization that works with British Columbia based environmental non-profits who’s goals are to protect, promote and preserve the biodiversity of British Columbia. Fern creates the branding and marketing collateral that the non-profit organizations need in order to raise awareness, funding and the opportunity to continue to develop and grow.

The Big Picture

British Columbia has a diverse ecosystem and biodiversity, as it is home to more species than any other Canadian province. Unfortunately, many of the species in British Columbia are at risk of extinction. My goal was to create a platform to promote and bring awareness to local organizations that work to tackle environmental issues within British Columbia.

Bring awareness

Generate conversation and bring awareness to environmental  issues within British Columbia.

Inspire donations

Inspire donations and funding towards environmental based organizations.

Encourage connection

Encourage a sense of connection to the natural world.

The Chosen Non-Profits and Their Branding 

Below you can view the three British Columbia based non-profits that I chose to rebrand and create marketing collateral for. You can view the style sheets, the information about each non-profit and the products created.

Ancient Forest Alliance

The Ancient Forest Alliance is a registered non-profit organization working to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests and to ensure a sustainable, value-added, second-growth forest industry. 

Living Oceans

Living Oceans mission is to inspire the global community to become Ocean Wise by increasing its understanding, wonder and appreciation for our oceans. Achieving this by engaging in scientific, social and economic research to ensure campaigns are grounded in fact and their solutions are science-based. 

Marmot Recovery Foundation

The Marmot Recovery Foundation works to bring the Vancouver Island Marmot back from the brink of extinction, and ensure it has a sustainable future. The Vancouver Island Marmot lives only in Canada, and is just one of five mammals to occur nowhere else in the world.

Fern's Website 

Fern’s website is where you can access information about what it is Fern does and the objectives and goals they have. You can learn more about the non-profits they support as well as donate through their shop section.

Click on the images to see a more in-depth look through the website. 

Hi, I'm Emma!

I am a Communication Designer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. I am an adaptive creative thinker who focuses on communication design as a tool for creating modern design solutions. My work is often inspired by natural elements and my love for the outdoors.