This project received an Honourable Mention for the Renée Van Halm + Pietro Widmer Graduation Award for Visual Arts

E Meu Corpo? Cadê?

"I want to make vessels that have the intervention of the body. I started off with self portraiture. Thinking about my relationship to the work that I'm making, primarily on the wheel. My body and the vessel and my bodily intervention." 

Isabel Wynn is a Canadian-Brazilian artist working in Vancouver, BC. She received a diploma in Fine Arts from Langara College and recently graduated Emily Carr University of Art + Design with her BFA in Visual Arts.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Isabel Wynn’s artistic practice strongly reflects the cultural influences of her heritage. 

Isabel Wynn’s work has evolved steadily throughout her education as she has been producing larger scale abstract sculptural forms.

Inspired by the conceptual perception of Toshiko Takaezu and the aesthetics of some current ceramicists like Takuro Kuwata and Roberto Lugo, Isabel Wynn’s practice of building is linked to her relationship with the intrinsic bodily movement in response to clay. Her practice is founded on the belief that art is a therapeutic form of self expression which has led her to approach ceramics using intuition and gesture in her form and surface. She works primarily with an exploratory approach to making. Isabel Wynn continues to explore form with a focus on the vessel. Her pieces are almost exclusively wheel-thrown. 

Her work is exploring the balance between form and the vibrant and textural surface decoration. Isabel Wynn’s spontaneous and playful approach to surface treatment, where she applies colour freely through pouring, painting, spraying and scrafetoing into the pots, works to further emphasize the form.

Alchemy of Glaze I Enjoy Yourself