Film Synopsis

Waking up in front of a gloomy house, Lily re-experiences the living nightmare shaped by her last memories.

Artist’s Statement

Christina (Yinuo Lin) is mostly responsible for the concept design and character modeling in the film. As for Sabrina (Yuxin Liu), she is mostly responsible for the Look Dev, lighting and asset modeling in the film. The reason the two of us made this film is that we both like horror movies and games.


The film is focused on the theme that unhealthy familial relationships can influence a child’s mental health. Parents sometimes dismiss children’s protests and feelings because they are insignificant compared to what the parents have gone through. Dealing with children is an intricate matter and long-term negligence can lead to serious and non-reversible problems.

Contact & Distribution Information

Film Credits

Yuxin (Sabrina) Liu
Cell: 778-858-2394

Yinuo (Christina) Lin
Cell: 778-683-9198

Director, Yinuo (Christina) Lin, Yuxin (Sabrina) Liu
Voice actor, Tyler Friso
Music Composer, Eric Jeffrey Tan