Lamb Stew | Katsiaryna Chupakhina


A short film about the adventures of a sheep named Stew, who is feeling lost around the happy confident folks, and decides to go on a small adventure to seek for his individuality and talent.

Artist's Statement

As I was making this film, I constantly thought about the society we live in. It is a harsh truth, but it could be very hard to stand out as a person, especially nowadays. And a thought of not being able to differentiate yourself from the crowd could be either motivational or upsetting. We all desire to be to a certain degree different, but is it worth it? And how hard the path could be? We aren’t that different indeed, after all.

About Katsiaryna Chupakhina

Kate was born in Belarus, Vitebsk. Before coming to Canada in 2016, she studied in UK for 3 years in the high school. Then, she came to Vancouver to study 3D animation at Emily Carr. Kate is very passionate about art in all it’s forms, including both traditional and digital. Especially she loves drawing and animating animals. In the closest future, Kate is hoping to become a part of the fast-growing movie industry.

Film by Katsiaryna Chupakhina
Sound by Boris Mikhlin

Denouement | Yuxin Liu & Yinuo Lin

Film Synopsis

Waking up in front of a gloomy house, Lily re-experiences the living nightmare shaped by her last memories.

Artist’s Statement

Christina (Yinuo Lin) is mostly responsible for the concept design and character modeling in the film. As for Sabrina (Yuxin Liu), she is mostly responsible for the Look Dev, lighting and asset modeling in the film. The reason the two of us made this film is that we both like horror movies and games.


The film is focused on the theme that unhealthy familial relationships can influence a child’s mental health. Parents sometimes dismiss children’s protests and feelings because they are insignificant compared to what the parents have gone through. Dealing with children is an intricate matter and long-term negligence can lead to serious and non-reversible problems.

Contact & Distribution Information

Film Credits

Yuxin (Sabrina) Liu
Cell: 778-858-2394

Yinuo (Christina) Lin
Cell: 778-683-9198

Director, Yinuo (Christina) Lin, Yuxin (Sabrina) Liu
Voice actor, Tyler Friso
Music Composer, Eric Jeffrey Tan

Lawa7 | Frankie McDonald

Character Design

Scene Stills

Splish Splash | Makena Mills, Yufei (Phoebe) Zhong & Tammie Le

Contact & Distribution Information:

Contact: Makena Mills
Cell: 778-874-0594

Contact: Yufei Phoebe Zhong
Cell: 604-358-4269

Contact: Tammie (Ngoc-Minh Tam) Le
Cell: 778-929-4149

Mine | Abril Salas & Clinton Liu


Deep within the Amazon forest, a monkey is scavenging for food. During his search, he unintentionally discovers an illegal mining site. There are zombie-like workers extracting gold while destroying the forest. The curiosity of the monkey leads him to discover the real culprit behind the destruction of his home.

This project has been awarded the ECU Graduation Award for Anti-Racism and Social Justice – Media and the The President’s Media Awards for Excellence – Best in 3D Computer Animation

Artist's Statement

Abril Salas 

With my work, I hope to open the dialogue about issues that I find important in society. With some entertainment, storytelling and animation, difficult to understand issues can be addressed. This film is trying to showcase the illegal mining in the amazon, this issue affects the environment, economy and culture of the Amazon forest to a large extent, however it is not known to the general public. CG animation gives me the possibility to explore this hard to understand issue and present it to a wide audience.


Clinton Liu

As a digital artist, 3D computer animation and digital painting are my choices of mediums to reflect on my understanding of various emotions and perceptions of the world. Exaggeration, humour and believability are a must in my practices. Although my works revolve around both reality and fantasy, they are still grounded on examining motions of the everyday. I am intrigued in storytelling and how animation reinforces it. Seeing characters and concepts coming to live, always thrills me to create more. Aside from animation, I also practice digital painting. While 3D provides flexibility in perspectives, I also enjoy the fixed and more focused composition that a painting offers. My inspiration and research comes from observations, current events, history and mythologies.


Abril Salas Zamalloa is a Peruvian CG artist. She is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Her focus during her studies is 3D animation, Look Development, Lighting and rendering. Abril’s interest in animation started from a young age thanks to her experience and connection with animated TV series and video games. In order to pursue her interest and to be part of the Animation industry, she has taken part in animation learning projects in Peru, Brazil and Vancouver. She hopes to enter the animation industry and create animations that entertain and teach.


Clinton Liu is a Hong Kong-Canadian CG animator based in Vancouver, BC. Inspired by a love of animated films, Clinton’s passion for art led him to pursue a role in character animation. As an animator, he has showcased his knowledge through contributing to numerous team-based projects as well as personal works while spending his time in Emily Carr University. In his spare time, he enjoys expressing his artistic freedom by crafting digital paintings and life drawings. Clinton recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.


Director: Abril Salas & Clinton Liu

Music Composer: Vanesa Trujillo

Sound Designer: Vanesa Trujillo

Layout & Composition: Clinton Liu, Abril Salas

Modeling: Clinton Liu, Abril Salas

Texturing & Look development : Abril Salas

Rigging: Abril Salas, Clinton Liu

Animation: Clinton Liu, Abril Salas

Lighting & Rendering: Abril Salas, Clinton Liu

Compositing: Abril Salas

Editing: Clinton Liu

All Thumbs at the Theatre | Nicole Derksen

All Thumbs at the Theatre

Created by: Nicole Derksen

Music Score by:

Darrell Bueckert

Percussionist in the Saskatoon Symphony

Based on:

Gordon and Erika Derksen

My wonderful grandparents whom I love.

About the Film

Family has always been an important aspect to Nicole’s life, spurring on her desire to create this film about her grandparents. Her joy for creating and love of her grandparents culminated in this short animation. With a keen interest in modeling, Nicole’s goal was to make accurate caricatures of her grandparents and photo reference environments of Saskatoon. 

About Nicole

Nicole Derksen grew up in rural Saskatchewan (Canada), which influenced her interest in making charming stories about mundane topics. Computer animation is a blend of creativity and arithmetic which stimulates Nicole’s passion for problem-solving. She aims to continue enhancing her skills while working in Vancouver’s animation industry.


 In the golden era of romance, experience Gordie's clumsy attempts to woo Erika on a blind date to the theatre. Based on the love story between Gorden and Erika Derksen.

Nicole Derksen
(306) 230 7173

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Nicole's Work

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Brothers | Luis Giuliani and Liam Shiveral

In an era before the internet and smartphones, two brothers rely on their imagination to strengthen their relationship over a playful afternoon.

  • Director: Luis Giuliani and Liam Shiveral
  • Story: Luis Giuliani and Liam Shiveral
  • Animation, Layout, Character Design, Character Modeling: Luis Giuliani
  • Environment Modeling, Texturing, Look Dev, FX, Lighting, Compositing: Liam Shiveral
  • SFX and Score: Stefen Ursulan and Liam Shiveral
  • Additional Animation: W Chung
  • Additional Contributions: Tammie Lee, Phoebe Zong, Makena Mills, Paul Jay Schrenker, Albert Valls Punsich and Brandon Young