All Thumbs at the Theatre | Nicole Derksen

All Thumbs at the Theatre

Created by: Nicole Derksen

Music Score by:

Darrell Bueckert

Percussionist in the Saskatoon Symphony

Based on:

Gordon and Erika Derksen

My wonderful grandparents whom I love.

About the Film

Family has always been an important aspect to Nicole’s life, spurring on her desire to create this film about her grandparents. Her joy for creating and love of her grandparents culminated in this short animation. With a keen interest in modeling, Nicole’s goal was to make accurate caricatures of her grandparents and photo reference environments of Saskatoon. 

About Nicole

Nicole Derksen grew up in rural Saskatchewan (Canada), which influenced her interest in making charming stories about mundane topics. Computer animation is a blend of creativity and arithmetic which stimulates Nicole’s passion for problem-solving. She aims to continue enhancing her skills while working in Vancouver’s animation industry.


 In the golden era of romance, experience Gordie's clumsy attempts to woo Erika on a blind date to the theatre. Based on the love story between Gorden and Erika Derksen.

Nicole Derksen
(306) 230 7173

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