Lamb Stew | Katsiaryna Chupakhina


A short film about the adventures of a sheep named Stew, who is feeling lost around the happy confident folks, and decides to go on a small adventure to seek for his individuality and talent.

Artist's Statement

As I was making this film, I constantly thought about the society we live in. It is a harsh truth, but it could be very hard to stand out as a person, especially nowadays. And a thought of not being able to differentiate yourself from the crowd could be either motivational or upsetting. We all desire to be to a certain degree different, but is it worth it? And how hard the path could be? We aren’t that different indeed, after all.

About Katsiaryna Chupakhina

Kate was born in Belarus, Vitebsk. Before coming to Canada in 2016, she studied in UK for 3 years in the high school. Then, she came to Vancouver to study 3D animation at Emily Carr. Kate is very passionate about art in all it’s forms, including both traditional and digital. Especially she loves drawing and animating animals. In the closest future, Kate is hoping to become a part of the fast-growing movie industry.

Film by Katsiaryna Chupakhina
Sound by Boris Mikhlin