A child fights a mirror in search of their true identity. What is it that lies beyond the mirror’s surface?

Director's Statement

Growing up, I didn’t used to like looking at myself in the mirror—the person I saw didn’t match the sense of “self” I actually felt inside, and I didn’t know where I fit into these invisible categories I saw. What does it mean to be masculine? To be feminine? Not just affecting what we “can” or “can’t” do, it’s something that affects also what we “do” or “don’t do”. I made this film because I wanted to express the feeling of wanting to be able to shape how others see us.

Production Designs


Moving to Canada from Kaiping, China at the age of 6, Ness Xu grew up jumping between interests of music, math, writing, and drawing, before finally heading down the path of animation at Emily Carr University. Ness hopes to find the opportunity to continue creating, regardless of the form, even after graduation.