About Our Sparkles

The film depicts a relationship struggle between a mother who sees no value in art, and her child who can’t find herself pursuing science, which her mother would prefer.
Many parents who’ve gone through a rough childhood tend to have a fixed definition of life goals and happiness, but what they’ve forgotten about is that, children from a different generation are unlikely to experience similar life-altering events as they grow up. This creates very different attitudes regarding personal goals. We all have our own values and reasons to make our life choices. When we’re each encouraged to have our own shiny, beautiful colours, we can create a powerfully vivid, white sparkle together.

Sparkle of stars shine in different colours.

Director Biography – Catelyne Ma

Catelyne Ma is a Vancouver-based illustrator and 2D animator who adores expressing the themes that arise from human connections, and the physicality of comedic style animation. Her experience with traveling and living around the world as a multicultural individual has developed her understanding and strong interests in global audiences, sensitive topics, abstract storytelling and animation style.

Her studies at Emily Carr University include the full process of animation production planning, storyboarding, 2D animation principles, 2D and 3D softwares, as well as collaborative animation projects.

Having studied 2D animation at Emily Carr University, she’s looking forward to collaborating with creative innovators as she transitions into the animation industry.