An anxious girl wakes up in the “Garden of Bliss” and meets an angelic being who tells her to enjoy life in this crazy, colourful place, which she struggles to do.

Artist Statement:

The difficulties that I experience with anxiety drive me to create an emotional outlet. I poured many things that I struggled with and love into this film, and the result is Garden of Bliss. The protagonist Trinity is a manifestation of myself, stumbling and questioning herself and the world. One day I will eventually part ways with this manifestation, but at this moment I must face myself honestly to untangle the ugly and beautiful mess of raw thoughts and emotions.


Moomin(Yi-Chun) Lee is a 2D animator graduated from Emily Carr University who also has great passion for illustration. Having grown up in Taiwan, Eastern Asian culture has become an important part of her identity, with her artistic style deeply influenced by anime. Moving to Vancouver during her teen years brought explorations to her artistic expressions in an unfamiliar environment. During this time, she became more interested in Renaissance art. As an artist, she’s found great value in the power of visual media to convey heartfelt messages and emotions. This ability of art to transcend the awkwardness of words inspires her to continue to explore and experiment with the psychological, philosophical, and sentimental aspects of human life.

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