When Day meets Night, the line between them is forever blurred.

Two shape-shifting lovers, separated by night and day, come together for a dance under the fading light of the eclipse.

Ciyo, the sun-loving coyote and Corvin, the moon bathed crow dance their familiar lover’s dance.

About the artist:

Sara Crivelli is an American illustrator and character designer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She is a graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a BA in 2D Animation. She’s been drawing since she could pick up a crayon and has created a plethora of worlds with dozens of characters bringing them to life.

She loves to play around with atmosphere, color and lighting to create dynamic illustrations that tell their own stories. Her favorite aspect of her art is designing characters and the worlds they live in, one such world of characters is that of her webcomic. She is fluent in a multitude of programs from Photoshop and After Effects to TVPaint.

Dance choreography written and performed by Hayley Galati and Greg Jungco. Please follow and support them! Without their hard work and creativity, this project would never have been born.

Please also check out Linda Arkelian who helped provide me with dancers and has been such a positive influence on the project as a whole. The picture to the right was taken by her of the two dancers.

A little look into the story process for Eclipse before it came to it's most current iteration.