Ba | An Thuy Viet Mai

About Ba - my graduation project

This is a war film. It’s not about violence or victims but about the resilience of my people.

A nation torn by war and politics has been the dominant narrative of Vietnam seen by foreign audiences (thinking of Apocalypse Now). It is only a minor part of our 4000-year history. There are so many beautiful things to say about my culture, their spirit, and my people in the event of war. As a Vietnamese born person living in Canada for the past four years, I felt the urgency to make a film that told another war story of Vietnam that countered some negative tropes and images in the western collective imaginary. My goal for the film is to make an impact, not only for younger generations to know about what their people had been through or to commemorate those who lived through such difficulties, and those who died. I hope that the film will be a representation of my pride and shifting the perspective of audiences looking at my homeland.


A little boy sends paper airplanes to his dead soldier dad, believing that he now guards the sky and might be back one day. Will he keep his faith after months go by, or accepting the reality that his dad will not return when war is taking over his village?


Demo Reel


An V Mai is a 2D filmmaker and illustrator born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, currently pursuing her animation career in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in a culture that emphasizes sentimental values, An uses her art to explore the theme of emotions and traumas, especially those embedded in family history and relationships. An gains her skill in Animation through her education at Emily Carr with a Bachelor Degree in Media Art.

Eclipse | Sara Crivelli


When Day meets Night, the line between them is forever blurred.

Two shape-shifting lovers, separated by night and day, come together for a dance under the fading light of the eclipse.

Ciyo, the sun-loving coyote and Corvin, the moon bathed crow dance their familiar lover’s dance.

About the artist:

Sara Crivelli is an American illustrator and character designer currently living in Vancouver, Canada. She is a graduate from Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a BA in 2D Animation. She’s been drawing since she could pick up a crayon and has created a plethora of worlds with dozens of characters bringing them to life.

She loves to play around with atmosphere, color and lighting to create dynamic illustrations that tell their own stories. Her favorite aspect of her art is designing characters and the worlds they live in, one such world of characters is that of her webcomic. She is fluent in a multitude of programs from Photoshop and After Effects to TVPaint.

Dance choreography written and performed by Hayley Galati and Greg Jungco. Please follow and support them! Without their hard work and creativity, this project would never have been born.

Please also check out Linda Arkelian who helped provide me with dancers and has been such a positive influence on the project as a whole. The picture to the right was taken by her of the two dancers.

A little look into the story process for Eclipse before it came to it's most current iteration.

Garden of Bliss | Moomin Lee

An anxious girl wakes up in the “Garden of Bliss” and meets an angelic being who tells her to enjoy life in this crazy, colourful place, which she struggles to do.

Artist Statement:

The difficulties that I experience with anxiety drive me to create an emotional outlet. I poured many things that I struggled with and love into this film, and the result is Garden of Bliss. The protagonist Trinity is a manifestation of myself, stumbling and questioning herself and the world. One day I will eventually part ways with this manifestation, but at this moment I must face myself honestly to untangle the ugly and beautiful mess of raw thoughts and emotions.


Moomin(Yi-Chun) Lee is a 2D animator graduated from Emily Carr University who also has great passion for illustration. Having grown up in Taiwan, Eastern Asian culture has become an important part of her identity, with her artistic style deeply influenced by anime. Moving to Vancouver during her teen years brought explorations to her artistic expressions in an unfamiliar environment. During this time, she became more interested in Renaissance art. As an artist, she’s found great value in the power of visual media to convey heartfelt messages and emotions. This ability of art to transcend the awkwardness of words inspires her to continue to explore and experiment with the psychological, philosophical, and sentimental aspects of human life.

Film website:
Personal website:

Reflected | Ness Xu

A child fights a mirror in search of their true identity. What is it that lies beyond the mirror’s surface?

Director's Statement

Growing up, I didn’t used to like looking at myself in the mirror—the person I saw didn’t match the sense of “self” I actually felt inside, and I didn’t know where I fit into these invisible categories I saw. What does it mean to be masculine? To be feminine? Not just affecting what we “can” or “can’t” do, it’s something that affects also what we “do” or “don’t do”. I made this film because I wanted to express the feeling of wanting to be able to shape how others see us.

Production Designs


Moving to Canada from Kaiping, China at the age of 6, Ness Xu grew up jumping between interests of music, math, writing, and drawing, before finally heading down the path of animation at Emily Carr University. Ness hopes to find the opportunity to continue creating, regardless of the form, even after graduation.

Our Sparkles | Catelyne Ma

About Our Sparkles

The film depicts a relationship struggle between a mother who sees no value in art, and her child who can’t find herself pursuing science, which her mother would prefer.
Many parents who’ve gone through a rough childhood tend to have a fixed definition of life goals and happiness, but what they’ve forgotten about is that, children from a different generation are unlikely to experience similar life-altering events as they grow up. This creates very different attitudes regarding personal goals. We all have our own values and reasons to make our life choices. When we’re each encouraged to have our own shiny, beautiful colours, we can create a powerfully vivid, white sparkle together.

Sparkle of stars shine in different colours.

Director Biography – Catelyne Ma

Catelyne Ma is a Vancouver-based illustrator and 2D animator who adores expressing the themes that arise from human connections, and the physicality of comedic style animation. Her experience with traveling and living around the world as a multicultural individual has developed her understanding and strong interests in global audiences, sensitive topics, abstract storytelling and animation style.

Her studies at Emily Carr University include the full process of animation production planning, storyboarding, 2D animation principles, 2D and 3D softwares, as well as collaborative animation projects.

Having studied 2D animation at Emily Carr University, she’s looking forward to collaborating with creative innovators as she transitions into the animation industry.


Hey, Ewe! | Benjamin Buckley


Hey, Ewe! is a 2D animated film. It is the story of Eve the Sheep, who is abducted from her simple life and subjected to a series of tests to make her “civilized”.

My intention, in addition to creating an entertaining film, was to explore the ideas of humanization and dehumanization. Beneath the fun and cartoonish style, Hey, Ewe! is a film about how the institutions we consider “civilizing” can also be used in oppressive ways.

The film uses a combination of 2D digital animation with 3D modeled backgrounds.

Contact Me

E-mail: bbuckley.animation at gmail dot com


Hey, Ewe! - Poster

Hey, Ewe! A film by Benjamin Buckley

Film Credits

Director, Benjamin Buckley
Music Composer, Andrew Coccimiglio
Sound Mix Engineer, Doug Paterson, Big World Sound
3D Modelling and Animation, Benjamin Buckley
Voices, Benjamin Buckley
Additional Voices, Peter Coish
Animation Assistance, Katrina Pleasance
Additional Backgrounds, Peter Coish
Colouring Assistance, YJ Hur