About Ba - my graduation project

This is a war film. It’s not about violence or victims but about the resilience of my people.

A nation torn by war and politics has been the dominant narrative of Vietnam seen by foreign audiences (thinking of Apocalypse Now). It is only a minor part of our 4000-year history. There are so many beautiful things to say about my culture, their spirit, and my people in the event of war. As a Vietnamese born person living in Canada for the past four years, I felt the urgency to make a film that told another war story of Vietnam that countered some negative tropes and images in the western collective imaginary. My goal for the film is to make an impact, not only for younger generations to know about what their people had been through or to commemorate those who lived through such difficulties, and those who died. I hope that the film will be a representation of my pride and shifting the perspective of audiences looking at my homeland.


A little boy sends paper airplanes to his dead soldier dad, believing that he now guards the sky and might be back one day. Will he keep his faith after months go by, or accepting the reality that his dad will not return when war is taking over his village?


Demo Reel


An V Mai is a 2D filmmaker and illustrator born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, currently pursuing her animation career in Vancouver, Canada. Growing up in a culture that emphasizes sentimental values, An uses her art to explore the theme of emotions and traumas, especially those embedded in family history and relationships. An gains her skill in Animation through her education at Emily Carr with a Bachelor Degree in Media Art.