Hey, Ewe! | Benjamin Buckley


Hey, Ewe! is a 2D animated film. It is the story of Eve the Sheep, who is abducted from her simple life and subjected to a series of tests to make her “civilized”.

My intention, in addition to creating an entertaining film, was to explore the ideas of humanization and dehumanization. Beneath the fun and cartoonish style, Hey, Ewe! is a film about how the institutions we consider “civilizing” can also be used in oppressive ways.

The film uses a combination of 2D digital animation with 3D modeled backgrounds.

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E-mail: bbuckley.animation at gmail dot com

Website: https://benbuckleyanimator.wixsite.com/portfolio

Hey, Ewe! - Poster

Hey, Ewe! A film by Benjamin Buckley

Film Credits

Director, Benjamin Buckley
Music Composer, Andrew Coccimiglio
Sound Mix Engineer, Doug Paterson, Big World Sound
3D Modelling and Animation, Benjamin Buckley
Voices, Benjamin Buckley
Additional Voices, Peter Coish
Animation Assistance, Katrina Pleasance
Additional Backgrounds, Peter Coish
Colouring Assistance, YJ Hur